Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Students from Ms. Stacy's 2nd Grade Class Squash Bread Story

One day we made squash bread. We made it at the Harvest Market Store. We made squash and not another kind of bread because we grow squash in our Global Garden. Our squash is huge. It weighed 5 pounds! We had to have a recipe to make it. We had two groups of ingredients. One was the wet ingredients and one was the dry ingredients. Then we mixed them together. After we baked it, we ate it. It tasted like squash mixed up with bread. It also tasted like cinnamon and sweet bread. We had so much that we shared it at the community garden day!

What did you like about this story? Please let us know!


global gardens said...

I read your story today. It sounds like you go to the best school in the world. Keep writing.

heather said...

wow! your bread sounds amazing! I was able to taste it at the community day and I loved it. I could eat it everyday! Maybe I could buy some one day. said...

great work. keep baking. and kkeep writing.