Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ms. Jackson's Class makes mint oil! 2nd Grade

We made mint oil for our parents, so that if they have a headache they can use it. You can also use it for a toothache. The first thing that you can do to make mint oil is first plant the mint. When it all grows, you pick it, but only pick the greenest ones. Next, wash your hands and then the mint. Next, we should dry the mint by setting it on papertowel. Now put the mint in a ziplock sandwich bag. Hammer the mint in the bag to get the natural oil out of the mint. Next, put the mint into a clean jar. Next, put almond oil into the jar and fill it up to above the mint. Let it sit for 24 hours. Then, we took the lid off the jar and put cheesecloth on it and turned it upside down. Repeat the process with the same oil three times.