Monday, March 31, 2008

How our garden changed

Our garden changed a lot. I went outside to our garden and I found bulbs!!!!!! I saw my tulips,daffodils,crocus's and more! Also all my plants have came back to life from the winter especially my pansies they look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! They look a lot more better from the winter they looked dead when it was winter but now they look great. My chive I have a lot more chive leaves!!! and I picked a radish and it was huge!!!!!! My lettuce has grown so big I can almost have a salad. Although everything in my garden is growing. My fall plants such as my kale is dying out because it is not cold anymore. But it is okay because I have a lot more plants growing. Such as my mint it has spread all over my garden. I have so much stuff in my garden that before we planted the bulbs I had to dig up more to my garden so I could all the bulbs I wanted in. It was a lot of work to plant them but it was definitely worth it. I hope you are able to take a look at them. I hope you enjoy them. Bye

Friday, March 7, 2008

Global Gardens is the best!

Global Gardens is the coolest yet because you get your own garden. You get to do activities for example are we painted signs and hung them on the fence so you might see them.

How we got the Global Garden website

The reason we are able to have our own website is because a very caring man heard about Global Gardens. His name is Mr.Dennis. We all love to write on the blog and we like to see our pictures that we took with a camera. We love to keep people updated on our garden. This Global Garden website took about three months to finally finish. We are planning on giving him thank you cards and gifts for what he did for us. I really wanted to appreciate him so I wrote on this website. Sincerely Marcus

Thursday, March 6, 2008


It is so nice and so fun. I love global garden so it is nice. Love Jordan

New Flowers by Duncan 4th grader

Welcome fellow learners. We have many new bulbs. Most of them are Irises. The garden was messy until I cleaned it up. Please come and see our garden. We have many
wishes. One of them is for you to be happy.