Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Garden Poem (Tues/Thurs After School Program)

The grass is green. I feel like I want to lean. The plants are brown and making people frown. My garden is cool. It makes me smile. The leaves are yellow and the fields are fallow. My garden is cool and so am I. But really my garden is warm because of the mulch. My garden has snow. It melts into water and makes it grow. My tree is cold and makes my garden gold. I'm growing radishes. Aren't they just dashing?

The Relaxing Garden Poem (Mon/Wed After School Program)

When I am down I go to my garden and lay on the ground. I smell the fruit and I'm filled with joy, once again. I see all the colors: red, purple, violet, orange, and green. It brings me laughter. The garden is a place to clear my thoughts, like putting plants in pots. When I look at my garden I see a rainbow of plants waiting to grow. The rain pours on all the colors of the flowers. I hear the birds chirping outside, coming to the garden. I see they're happy. The animals and insects make the garden come alive. The more you water your garden the more they grow and the better they show. I us an umbrella for the rain. The birds sit on top and watch it drain.