Monday, June 9, 2008

Daniels first day! by Daniel, second grade

Hello my name is Daniel. I am new in global gardens. I plant a lot of plants in my garden and I take the weeds out of the garden because if I don't take the weeds out it will kill the plants. I planted strawberries in my class garden and I never miss behave in global gardens.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Julian's letter to John at Rosa Parks

Dear John,
My name is Julian and I read your letter. So what you need to do for your chinese lantern is to pull out the weeds and the easy way to do it is to put water on it and then pull it out carefully. The other way is to pull it by the bottom and make sure the roots are all the way out. So I hope your chinese lantern works out to be what you want it to be and keep planting!
We looked up the chinese lantern and it is orange and it looks like the size of a radish. I liked how it was your favorite plant and someday you will be a wonderful gardener!
I'm nine just like you!
from Julian Corrie

Worm Story by Kyree, second grade

This story was written after the second graders observed earthworms and put them into their garden to live. They were asked to write a story of what the worms are doing in the garden now that they live there...

The worms might be eating a plant. They might be having fun. One had a baby. They might meet. The worms made a home. My worms name is Kymen. I watched him leave. He made his new home. They are in a better place now. He has his own family now. I miss him. I will see him and he was mine but I miss him.

A story of the Garden, by Kyree, second grade

I like the plants and they are beautiful. We planted some and I like them. I like the grapes. The garden is cool and the roots are pulled and the garden has gotten better. I like the worms. The worms are pretty.