Friday, August 21, 2009

The Scary Day, a fiction story, by Devon, third grade

There was once a boy named Devon and there was a garden named Global Gardens and once every night owls flied over it and the trees. One night Devon and his friend named Cameron went to the garden and that second the garden came alive and ate Devon and Cameron. Then it noticed that it did not eat meat, it eats flowers, and then spit them back out and they ran home and told their mom all about it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dog and the Cat and the Bear Plant Food by Kenny (4th grade)

Once upon a time there was a bear and a cat and a dog. They were in the garden! We are here but the cat said, "Let's get the weeds and pull them out." The bear had a good idea that night. And we got the weeds and put them in the compost. And the dog said,"You're right, that is a great idea." That night the cat said,"Let's plant some corn." And the bear said,"Let's plant greens." Then the cat and dog agreed, "That has got to be good." The dog said,"Let's plant some tomatoes." The END!

The Mysterious Garden by Tyler (3rd Grade)

One night the mysterious garden was asleep. A man went in the mysterious garden to water the plants. The whole garden woke up and the garden ate him!

The Garden, a Fiction Story by Kaylee (4th grade)

One day me and Lucy went out to the garden to plant some flowers. And we were planting different kinds and we started hearing sounds. And we didn't know what it was and where it was so we went looking for it and it stopped for about thirty minutes. So we went planting again and it started again, so we went looking for it. It was a puppy stuck in the flowers!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Store, by Asael 2nd grade

We have a grocery store in Global Gardens. They sell orchard gold grapes, pizza snacks, cheese puffs, pringles, rice krispies, cheese crackers, junior pops, tortilla chips, potato chips, corn chips, ice cream sandwiches, butter, cinnamon crunch, cocoa peanut butter spheres kookies, honey crunch n'oats, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, combination pizza, supreme pizza, animal crackers, honey grahams, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla wafers.

It is a big grocery store. People can buy stuff in the grocery store. I like it. The whole schools likes it. It's a great store.

We're Back!!!!!

We know its been a long time since we updated the blog, but we have some new stories!
Check back often, we are back to writing and reporting our work!!!
Have fun!!!!

P.S. Jordan says you must read the Lion story, it is so scary...

The Lion Under the Trailer, a fiction story by Jordan, fifth grade

One time at Global Gardens me, Loreal, and Lovelle went hunting for my cat. Not killing them of course, which would be hunting, but looking. When we went to look under the trailer all the sudden we saw two big yellow eyes staring straight at us, VERY wide and VERY big! Staring straight at us as if it was going to POUNCE on us! A mysterious storm blew in, and all of the sudden the eyes ran straight at us! It was crawling so close I could see its snout. I was terrified, I ran and ran until my feet were tired. It followed me. I looked back, it was ready to ponce on me. But at that moment Mr. Bhadri came with the bamboo sticks and protected me. And after the last pounce it accidently jumped over us. mr Bhadri gave me a bamboo stick and I hypnotized it to go back where it came from. The lion went home until the next time someone went under the trailer. Mwa-ha-ha!!!
The end.