Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We made an experiment! By Ms. Stacy's second grade class

We made an experiment. We put seeds in the pots. Some seeds were on the very top of the soil, and some were on the very bottom. We also put some seeds in the middle. Then, we put the pots near the window so they can get sun. Some seeds were one inch from the top and one inch from the bottom.
We are trying to find out if they will grow. We took votes on which ones would grow.
Here is our hypothesis:
Beans on top of the soil: 2 people think they will grow
Beans one inch from the top: 8 people think they will grow
Beans in the middle of the soil: 9 people think they will grow
Beans one inch from the bottom: 5 people think they will grow
Beans at the bottom of the pot: 8 people think they will grow
Stay tuned!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Ms. Lenard's class discovery

Hello, this is Ms. Lenard's fourth grade class. We grew a passion vine in our garden. A butterfly visited our passion vine and layed some eggs. The eggs hatched and we have some caterpillars on our vine. One of the caterpillars was very big the first time we saw it, and the next time we saw it again it was in Nicole and Ali's garden and it had made a chrysalis. A chrysalis is something a caterpillar makes so it can turn into a butterfly. Can you believe it? It is true. We are the only class who has caterpillars in our garden. A couple of our students went to the garden and dug up a small passion vine. There were two caterpillars and one egg on it, and we brought it into our class. That day we put it in an aquarium so we can watch it grow and change. The butterfly laid her eggs on the passion vine because she wanted her babies to eat the leaves of the passion vine, because they need passion vine to live. Our class has been working in the garden, last year Ms. Lenard's fourth grade class planted the passion vine. Come by our classroom or garden and see the wonderful thing that is happening with the fourth grade class!!