Friday, July 27, 2007

Last day of summer program, by Tamara, 5th grade (going into)

Today is the last day of Global Gardens summer program and here are some things I loved:
Ms. Golden Shannon with photography. I learned a lot that I needed and wanted to know like about light.
I loved pesto making.
My favorite thing was to cut the the basil and grate the cheese. I loved to do the sale it was awesomeness!
The Philbrooke Museum was beautiful. I felt very smart when I found out that it used to be a house! And that the air was through the trees!
Making the birdbaths was great, it was really fun when I got to put it out.
I loved watching the video clip. I learned about the anther and the ovary.
One of my favorite day's was today. I went to my garden and found out that I had a giant cantaloupe. I felt great! The day was kind of windy. i felt like a dandelion getting softly blown.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daniel's report of today and yesterday

Today the storm was bad and windy. I think the garden is going to flood today. I think there will be a big pond. We looked at the street and it looked like a big flood. Then we looked in the sky and it was black as heck. Yesterday I worked hard in the garden. I cut some deadheads. Deadheads are flowers that are dead, on healthy plants. The plant is giving energy to the dead flowers to make seeds and that takes up too much energy from the plants, so we cut the off so that they plant will make more flowers. I got to paint the picnic table that I have been painting. Quanah was not there to help. Yesterday we got to see our pictures that we made, not colored or glued, we used a camera!
Thank you Global Garden,

Quanah's experiment notes

The weather today is thunder stormy. Today is July 12th, 2007, Thursday. Today we finished our tomato project. Last Thursday we took votes to see which tomato would ripen first. There were choices of: the window, the window in a brown bag, open on the table, clear bag by the window, covered in a black container on the bookshelf, in a cup of water in the bathroom, in the dark closet open in a box, inside a clear bag which was inside a paper bag in the dark closet. Those were the choices we voted on. I am not going to tell you what the voes were because it will take up all the room on the blog. But the one on the bookshelf that no one voted for ripened first. Our hypothesis was that it ripened first because it was in a black container and black attracts heat. I think a lot of heat got in and not a lot of heat could get out. Stay tuned for more experiments with ripening tomatoes!

Diana's Update

From the starting of the summer program, some squirrels have been eating our tomatoes. We found out how to stop them from eating our tomatoes, using netting. I think the squirrels will stop eating our tomatoes. If it doesn't work then we will have to go with plan C. Plan C is to get a cage and if they come after the tomatoes the cage will trap them and we will put them back into the tree and they will warn all the other squirrels not to come near. We can put more shiny things to keep the birds away. The sun beats down on the shiny things and the birds won't be able to see where the tomatoes are because of the shiny things. The birds and the squirrels will not come back. If plan C does not work we will go with plan D, but we don't have one yet! We will figure out what plan D is going to be.
Thanks for reading!