Friday, July 27, 2007

Last day of summer program, by Tamara, 5th grade (going into)

Today is the last day of Global Gardens summer program and here are some things I loved:
Ms. Golden Shannon with photography. I learned a lot that I needed and wanted to know like about light.
I loved pesto making.
My favorite thing was to cut the the basil and grate the cheese. I loved to do the sale it was awesomeness!
The Philbrooke Museum was beautiful. I felt very smart when I found out that it used to be a house! And that the air was through the trees!
Making the birdbaths was great, it was really fun when I got to put it out.
I loved watching the video clip. I learned about the anther and the ovary.
One of my favorite day's was today. I went to my garden and found out that I had a giant cantaloupe. I felt great! The day was kind of windy. i felt like a dandelion getting softly blown.

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