Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daniel's report of today and yesterday

Today the storm was bad and windy. I think the garden is going to flood today. I think there will be a big pond. We looked at the street and it looked like a big flood. Then we looked in the sky and it was black as heck. Yesterday I worked hard in the garden. I cut some deadheads. Deadheads are flowers that are dead, on healthy plants. The plant is giving energy to the dead flowers to make seeds and that takes up too much energy from the plants, so we cut the off so that they plant will make more flowers. I got to paint the picnic table that I have been painting. Quanah was not there to help. Yesterday we got to see our pictures that we made, not colored or glued, we used a camera!
Thank you Global Garden,

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Kristin said...

I learned something new: I didn't know that "deadheads" were flowers that had died... That is such a perfect term, I love it! Thanks Daniel, and Happy Gardening,