Thursday, December 10, 2009

Morning Glory Seed Hunt (After School Program)

Today after school it was just warm enough for us to go outside for a few minutes. So we decided to pick morning glory seeds. We had a competition to see who got the most morning glory seeds. There were a lot of morning glories on the fence. All 6 gardeners and 3 adults pitched in! We all loved picking morning glory seeds and spending time with our Global Gardens Family. Some of the gardeners got over a thousand seeds. Kaitlyn and Jordan's team collected 8 piles of 300 seeds. So we multiplied 300x8. And we got 3,200 seeds! Then we discovered we had 5 left over. So altogether we had 3,205 seeds! Devan and Asael's team collected 260 seeds! They divided them into fives. When they did that they had 52 piles. Eric and Kenny's team collected 5 piles of 300 seeds. So we added 300+300+300+300+300=1,500. Then we added 85 more seeds and we got 1,585! That's a lot of seeds! Altogether the student gardeners gathered 3,205+260+1,500=4,965! We're going to have a lot of morning glories next year!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Best Salad Ever Part 2 by Ms. Hurt's Class (4th grade)

It was good. I loke how we plant the lettuce and radish with Mr. Bhadri. It was the best day. I like when we ate the lettuce and radish and the carrots are not ready. -Michael
It feel good. It smelled good. We all ate it. It was the bomb. When I picked it, it felt cool. The radish smelled good. The lettuce was the bomb. The lettuce smelled good. The salad was the bomb. Mr Bhadri helped us to pick the radish and lettuce. Mr. Bhadri chopped the radish and the lettuce made some salad. Mr. Bhadri ate some salad. Some friends helped us pick the radish and lettuce. Next time we will pick carrots. -Adolfo
Me and my friends picked the lettuce and the radish. And Mr. Bhadri helped us. Then we ate the lettuce and the radish. The radish was sour and the lettuce was good. It was fun. Thank you Mr. Bhadri! -Rachel
The weather was warm and it was kind of good. I liked when we planted because we got to rake and hoe it. And it was fun. Mr. Bhadri helped us too. We got to see our garden and it was kind of spicy. What we had in the salad was some radish. There were two of them. Ragan got one of her radish out of her garden. We got about 20 or 28 of them. We had fun and it was delicious! Mr. Bhadri picked and chopped. -Iyanla
The weather was great when I planted. First we got some seeds. Next we watered them with rain water and in one month the radish and lettuce was done. We made some salad out of it. It was gooooooood!!!!!! The carrots are still grwoing but the carrots taste good too. Mr. Bhadri taught us all about plants. -Elijah
I loved the salad. It was the best. I love Global Gardens. The lettuce was the bomb. It smelled good. Me and my friends now know when the radish have big shoulders we can pick them out of the garden. I hope that we will do it again. Wow was Global Gardens! -Makyla

Monday, December 7, 2009

Great Tips for Growing Lettuce by Mrs. Turner's Class (3rd Grade)

On November 23, 2009 we planted lettuce and learned about how it can grow. Our class had never planted lettuce before. You should go look at it. It is growing nicely. If you want to grow some here's what you have to do:
1) Soften your soil with a hoe.
2) Once the soil is fluffy ad compost.
3) Make the soil flat with a rake.
4) Make sure the lettuce is not too close together. It needs about 6 inches to grow.
5) Now sprinkle the seeds on the soil.
6) Then write lettuce on a label so you know where you planted.
7) Be careful with the seeds. They are small easy to lose.
8) Rub the soil with your hands.
9) Be sure to take care and water it at least once a day when it's young.

Once you've done this you've planted it. You will one day see it has two leaves. It should take about a week. When it fully grown you can pick it, wash it and then eat it!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Best Salad Ever by Ms Hurt's Class (3rd grade)

The salad was good to me. The salad was the boom. My friends liked it. Did you? The radish was hot. Thank you Mr. Bhadri. Don't eat worms. - David
It was so good. I felt like eating the whole bowl and Mr. Bhadri cut the food and it was very very good. And I had fun that day because I got to pick radish and lettuce and leaf. And I love you Mr. Bhadri. It was cool!!!!!!!!!! - Chris
I liked when we planted it the lettuce and the radish. Mr. Bhadri made the salad and washed the lettuce and the radish. Our class ate the salad and we took a picture with the salad and ate the salad. It was good too. It was fantabulous and fun to eat it all up too and we loved it. November 19 we will eat the carrots and we'll love it. Maybe next year my new class will ask my teacher if we can plant lettuce and radish too. If she says yesI will love it to the last bite. I will say to my teacher I did it with friends! - Kaylynn
The lettuce and radish was good. The weather was hot. It was good. The carrots were not ready. It was fun goin out there to get the radish and the lettuce. - Jeremiah
We planted lettuce and radish on September 9, 2009. I think that it was pretty cool. We waited a while and then when it was ready to harvest we pulled them out. When we were done picking then Mr. Bhadri cut them and washed them. When he was done he brought them to us to eat. When we ate it everbody thought it was really good. Some people said that the radishes were sour and some people thought the lettuce was good. - Noah
It was as good as candy mmmmmmmm. Mr Bhadri helped us plant it on Sept. 9. We all ate it. It was good. Are cool Bhadri. - Katie
It was fun growing salad! Because it' scool growing food and then picking it and seeing what food we can make with it. And our class went to our class garden and we picked some radishes also. And our awesome Global Gardens teach Mr. Bhadri went to the Harvest Kitchen and cut up the radish and cooked them. And he brought the salad to lunch and gave some to us. The radishes tasted a little hot, but it was still really good. And I go to the Global Gardens after School and I pulled out some radishes and I took it home and ate it and it was very, very good. And then about a week later I pulled 2 out. - Ragan

The Poor Flower by Tapanga (2nd Grade)

There was a flower in the grass. The bees were swarming around it. The poor flower. That has to hurt! It would hurt me. The end.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ms. Lenard's 4th Grade Class Snacks on Radishes

This past August 2009 we planted radishes and lettuce with Mr. Bhadri. In a couple of weeks or so we saw sprouts. It rained a lot this summer. The rained helped the roots to grow and we didn't have to water much. So our plants would grow better we pulled weeds, composted and took good notes. Finally in late November we harvested our radishes. Next we washed the radishes at the Harvest Market. Then we pulled off the leaves and ate them with ranch. They had an unusual flavor. They tasted spicy and were crunchy like candy. If you haven't tried radishes you should! Thanks for reading our blog.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Students from Ms. Stacy's 2nd Grade Class Squash Bread Story

One day we made squash bread. We made it at the Harvest Market Store. We made squash and not another kind of bread because we grow squash in our Global Garden. Our squash is huge. It weighed 5 pounds! We had to have a recipe to make it. We had two groups of ingredients. One was the wet ingredients and one was the dry ingredients. Then we mixed them together. After we baked it, we ate it. It tasted like squash mixed up with bread. It also tasted like cinnamon and sweet bread. We had so much that we shared it at the community garden day!

What did you like about this story? Please let us know!