Monday, July 21, 2008

I was helping Mr. Mike, By Samuel, Kindergardener

I was working in my garden and I was planting in my garden. I was watering my garden and getting water on me too! I was picking up weeds and putting them in the compost with Mr Mike.
I like the flowers, and bugs drink the nectar from the flowers. And butterflies drink nectar from the flowers too! And honey comes from nectar. And we eat the honey.
My garden has a lot of flowers, it doesn't have any more space. In my garden I planted two things!

Jordan's blog

The garden is really nice. And I mean really nice. We have a teachers sweat award and a kids sweat award! Its where the people who work very hard, the others will vote for who wins the kids sweat award. The teachers sweat award is when the kids give the teachers flowers or mint for the teachers sweat award.
My pen pals name is Connor. He is really nice but I haven't heard from him ever since I got his first letter.
In my garden I have so much mint that I can't take it any more! It is filling my garden! Its just like a big, huge plant in the middle of my garden, all the way to the edges! And I also have strawberries, and I have frogs!!! I planted lavender. I planted some radishes, red and white ones, of course, I really love to plant flowers and i have two types of flowers, one of them is a sunflower. The second one is a mystery flower. I don't know what type it is. If I get another seed packet of that mystery flower, I really love it.
When ever I see my garden at night it looks so beautiful! And I really love the mint that's in my garden, I love to eat it! Its really, really tasty. My garden has the most mint in the Global Gardens. And frogs are really really cute, and watch them just catch a bug is so cool!! :)
Whenever they hop into your hands its just so cool!
Come and see our garden and if you want to donate anything you can. Blueberries are just so cool.
Your friend,