Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Best Salad Ever Part 2 by Ms. Hurt's Class (4th grade)

It was good. I loke how we plant the lettuce and radish with Mr. Bhadri. It was the best day. I like when we ate the lettuce and radish and the carrots are not ready. -Michael
It feel good. It smelled good. We all ate it. It was the bomb. When I picked it, it felt cool. The radish smelled good. The lettuce was the bomb. The lettuce smelled good. The salad was the bomb. Mr Bhadri helped us to pick the radish and lettuce. Mr. Bhadri chopped the radish and the lettuce made some salad. Mr. Bhadri ate some salad. Some friends helped us pick the radish and lettuce. Next time we will pick carrots. -Adolfo
Me and my friends picked the lettuce and the radish. And Mr. Bhadri helped us. Then we ate the lettuce and the radish. The radish was sour and the lettuce was good. It was fun. Thank you Mr. Bhadri! -Rachel
The weather was warm and it was kind of good. I liked when we planted because we got to rake and hoe it. And it was fun. Mr. Bhadri helped us too. We got to see our garden and it was kind of spicy. What we had in the salad was some radish. There were two of them. Ragan got one of her radish out of her garden. We got about 20 or 28 of them. We had fun and it was delicious! Mr. Bhadri picked and chopped. -Iyanla
The weather was great when I planted. First we got some seeds. Next we watered them with rain water and in one month the radish and lettuce was done. We made some salad out of it. It was gooooooood!!!!!! The carrots are still grwoing but the carrots taste good too. Mr. Bhadri taught us all about plants. -Elijah
I loved the salad. It was the best. I love Global Gardens. The lettuce was the bomb. It smelled good. Me and my friends now know when the radish have big shoulders we can pick them out of the garden. I hope that we will do it again. Wow was Global Gardens! -Makyla


heather said...

wow! iI love reading all of your stories! what a fantastic class you are! and it makes me so happy that you all love the radishes, carrots, and lettuce! you are all superstars. maybe one day I can taste what you have grown!

Gena said...

My family got to see some of the radishes at your community day two weeks ago. Thank you to Mr. Bhadri and others for the tour! It was also fun to see all the caterpillars that some of the kids picked off the lettuce. What do you do with all those caterpillars?? Your salads sound great!! :)

Bethanie said...'re making me hungry! Your salad sounds so good.

Megan said...

Thank you for all your comments! We're actually in 3rd grade even though we're so smart sometimes people mistake us for 4th graders! We love Global Gardens! Don't eat worms.

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