Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ms. Lenard's 4th Grade Class Snacks on Radishes

This past August 2009 we planted radishes and lettuce with Mr. Bhadri. In a couple of weeks or so we saw sprouts. It rained a lot this summer. The rained helped the roots to grow and we didn't have to water much. So our plants would grow better we pulled weeds, composted and took good notes. Finally in late November we harvested our radishes. Next we washed the radishes at the Harvest Market. Then we pulled off the leaves and ate them with ranch. They had an unusual flavor. They tasted spicy and were crunchy like candy. If you haven't tried radishes you should! Thanks for reading our blog.


heather said...

I'm so glad that your radishes grew and you got to eat them! Did you eat your lettuce too? You must be great gardeners. said...

We love the story you wrote. Could you let us try some of your radishes someday?

-Ms. Stacy's Class

global gardens said...

We love your story. You gave great details. It sounds like you have good manners because you thanked us. You also described very nicely what it tasted like -- we especially liked the candy part.

-Mrs. Turner's Class