Monday, December 7, 2009

Great Tips for Growing Lettuce by Mrs. Turner's Class (3rd Grade)

On November 23, 2009 we planted lettuce and learned about how it can grow. Our class had never planted lettuce before. You should go look at it. It is growing nicely. If you want to grow some here's what you have to do:
1) Soften your soil with a hoe.
2) Once the soil is fluffy ad compost.
3) Make the soil flat with a rake.
4) Make sure the lettuce is not too close together. It needs about 6 inches to grow.
5) Now sprinkle the seeds on the soil.
6) Then write lettuce on a label so you know where you planted.
7) Be careful with the seeds. They are small easy to lose.
8) Rub the soil with your hands.
9) Be sure to take care and water it at least once a day when it's young.

Once you've done this you've planted it. You will one day see it has two leaves. It should take about a week. When it fully grown you can pick it, wash it and then eat it!


Joe said...

Great job!!!

I can now plant some lettuce of my own...thanks for the great tips!!!

heather said...

what a great job describing how to grow lettuce! i can't wait to plant some of my own. you are a super star class!!

Lindsey said...

A whole grade of 6th graders will be reading this fabulous advice next week. They are anxious to learn from you and plant some vegetables of their own! Look for an update in the future on how well your advice is working :).....

DC Women said...

Thank you for sharing your great success! I will try this and I look forward to sharing some yummy lettuce with my family.

global gardens said...

It's a nice story. We really liked how you included all the steps. We also liked the part about the compost. Compost is important because it helps the plants grow. We also liked the part when they said how close to plant it. Keep up the good work!