Thursday, July 12, 2007

Diana's Update

From the starting of the summer program, some squirrels have been eating our tomatoes. We found out how to stop them from eating our tomatoes, using netting. I think the squirrels will stop eating our tomatoes. If it doesn't work then we will have to go with plan C. Plan C is to get a cage and if they come after the tomatoes the cage will trap them and we will put them back into the tree and they will warn all the other squirrels not to come near. We can put more shiny things to keep the birds away. The sun beats down on the shiny things and the birds won't be able to see where the tomatoes are because of the shiny things. The birds and the squirrels will not come back. If plan C does not work we will go with plan D, but we don't have one yet! We will figure out what plan D is going to be.
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