Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Lion Under the Trailer, a fiction story by Jordan, fifth grade

One time at Global Gardens me, Loreal, and Lovelle went hunting for my cat. Not killing them of course, which would be hunting, but looking. When we went to look under the trailer all the sudden we saw two big yellow eyes staring straight at us, VERY wide and VERY big! Staring straight at us as if it was going to POUNCE on us! A mysterious storm blew in, and all of the sudden the eyes ran straight at us! It was crawling so close I could see its snout. I was terrified, I ran and ran until my feet were tired. It followed me. I looked back, it was ready to ponce on me. But at that moment Mr. Bhadri came with the bamboo sticks and protected me. And after the last pounce it accidently jumped over us. mr Bhadri gave me a bamboo stick and I hypnotized it to go back where it came from. The lion went home until the next time someone went under the trailer. Mwa-ha-ha!!!
The end.

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