Friday, September 12, 2008

Fourth Grade interviews

Fourth Grade Twin Gardens

Mrs. Warnke’s Class asks: Does your garden have a bunch of weeds?
Mrs. Lenard’s Class: No not really we have whole bunch of plants. We went out to the garden last week and cleared it out.

Mrs. Warnke’s class: What kind of flowers do you have?
Mrs. Lenard’s Class: We currently have a sunflower, passion fruit vine which is native to Oklahoma.

Mrs. Warnke’s: What makes your garden so special?
Mrs. Lenard’s: We have different plants. We shaped our garden to show the state of Oklahoma. Our short term goals we are going to create mountains and rivers in our garden. We researched Oklahoma geography and found out where the Arkansas River and the mountains in Oklahoma are located. We are going to place Lake Eufaula on our map because that is the largest body of water in Oklahoma. Our garden is going to a visual map of Oklahoma.

What is growing on the Passion Vine? Fruit and white really cool flowers.

Why did you pick Oklahoma to be your garden Theme? We thought it would be a really cool idea. We brainstormed a large list of ideas and we decided all the ideas could be placed in the Oklahoma garden. We wanted to create a living map and learning tool to create our garden.

Are you going to cut a river into the garden and fill it with water to create water? We are going to use marbles blue and clear to create the effect of a river.

What plants are you going to plant in our garden? We are going to plant items that grow in Oklahoma.

Mrs. Lenard’s Class asks:
What are you doing in your garden? We are planting berries like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and grapes.

What do you have in your garden? We have sunflowers, and a large variety of berries.

What is your garden called? The Berry Garden

What makes your garden special? We have very large sunflower. We have berries and grapes. We have items that can feed a person if they were hungry. Our garden is very healthy. We are trying to figure out how the sunflower appeared?

What does the garden look like? We do have a few weeds; we have some blackberries with thorns.

Do you have carrots? No we have Berries and one sunflower. We do have some fruit trees around our garden.

Are you going to add river or pond? No we do not want to hurt our plants roots.

Do you grow anything else besides berries? No we only have berries and one sunflower.

Do you have any animals in your garden? No maybe occasionally a frog might hop by… We estimate about 200 frogs may be hopping about in the entire garden.

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