Monday, March 31, 2008

How our garden changed

Our garden changed a lot. I went outside to our garden and I found bulbs!!!!!! I saw my tulips,daffodils,crocus's and more! Also all my plants have came back to life from the winter especially my pansies they look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! They look a lot more better from the winter they looked dead when it was winter but now they look great. My chive I have a lot more chive leaves!!! and I picked a radish and it was huge!!!!!! My lettuce has grown so big I can almost have a salad. Although everything in my garden is growing. My fall plants such as my kale is dying out because it is not cold anymore. But it is okay because I have a lot more plants growing. Such as my mint it has spread all over my garden. I have so much stuff in my garden that before we planted the bulbs I had to dig up more to my garden so I could all the bulbs I wanted in. It was a lot of work to plant them but it was definitely worth it. I hope you are able to take a look at them. I hope you enjoy them. Bye

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Anonymous said...

i love your garden. i think it is beautiful. i can tell you work hard on it. good job!