Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ms. Newman's Class's Literary Garden Update

Our plants are growing! Our beans are growing. Our sunflowers started from seeds and now they are about eight inches tall. One pepper is ready to pick because it is shiny and red. Our strawberries are growing bigger, and some have greenish yellow strawberries. They are not ripe yet. Our turnip seeds have germinated and have grown! Our watermelon is growing, too. We have two watermelon plants, one was a plant and one was a seed. Both are growing. Our garden is no longer a rectangle of dirt! We planted a pumpkin seed and now it is larger! Our carrot seeds have sprouted. One green pepper was ready and we took it inside and everybody got a little taste of it. We voted and 13 people liked it and 11 did not like it. Now that everything is growing in the garden, we will soon be able to eat it and our garden will look beautiful! Thank you for reading this, we hope you come and see our garden and have a nice day!
Ms. Newman's third grade class

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