Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ms. Lenards Fourth Grade Class Garden

Some of our plants are blooming! Some of the plants are getting bigger. The class voted to see if we wanted OK or OU written in plants, and we voted for OU. Then Ms. Lenard asked us what color we wanted to plant and most of the students wanted red and white. We ended up planting the O in red begonia's and the U white begonia's. Then we had 4 students who painted our garden sign, its in the shape of Oklahoma. We planted a lot of plants since we started the garden. Ameristar Fence Company donated a fence for our Global Garden. Lately, we planted a golden rod, indigo bush, passion vine, and blazing star. We put some stepping stones in our garden so that we have a place step when we deadhead. We wrote a letter to Ms. Lenard's fourth grade class for the fall and we told them about the garden. We want to thank Ms. Brady, who brought us some mulch, the stepping stones, and the wood for the signs. Thank you for helping our Global Garden!!
And thank you Ameristar for helping us building the fence!!Thank you for reading this note that we wrote for you, have a good day.
Yours truly,
Ms. Lenard's class.

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global gardens said...

Your garden is very impressive! You have done a great job of planting and tending your garden. I'm so proud of you. But didn't you forget something? The letter "S" was left out of the "OU". Mrs. Newman