Monday, June 11, 2007

Alexus's Saturday Community Day report

This last Saturday, the first thing I did was I saw how much my morning glory has grown. Then I asked Daniel what he was doing and I asked him if I could help him paint his picnic table. He said yes so I was doing that for a while and I looked at my garden and I talked to Dr. Rippy and watch him help make the stepping stone. I was surprised about the fence and Ms. Oakley told me that they dug holes 3 feet deep into the ground. We will have towo gates in the fence and we want to put a ramp for people in wheelchairs. I enjoyed being in the garden on Saturday and I felt happy and surprised that my morning glory had grown so much!


Anonymous said...

I like the way you thought about the people in the wheelchair. Rosemary
I like the way you asked Daniel if you could help in wiht the picnic table.

Anonymous said...

We love your report that you wrote.
I like how you asked them nicely.
I like your idea about people in a wheelchair and making a ramp.