Friday, May 25, 2007

Ms. Lenard's class is OK interview

This is Ms. Lenard's class interview, Ms. Warke's class asked us questions...
Q: What kind of flowers did you plant?
A: We planted indian blanket, coreopsis, blazing star, sage, salvia, and coneflower.
Q: Is your garden actually coming along with working together?
A: Yes, it is really coming along, and we are working together really good.
Q: What kind of garden do you have and what does it represent?
A: We are making an Oklahoma garden.
Q: What does an Oklahoma garden represent?
A: It represents Oklahoma and the plants that are in Oklahoma. They are naturally in Oklahoma, another word for that is native.
Q: Why did you guys pick Oklahoma?
A: Because when Ms. Oakley came we were thinking of different states and countries and we voted and everybody picked Oklahoma.
Q: Is you garden really the shape of Oklahoma?
A: Yes.
Q: How hard was it to make your garden?
A: It wasn't that hard because we put rocks around to make the shape of Oklahoma and we were working together.
Q: Did you put new soil in yet?
A: Yes. We put the new dirt on top ot the old dirt and then we mixed it up.
Q: Are you planning to do something else with your garden?
A: Yes, we want to make OK in the empty space. We want to use plants but we haven't decided yet. We could put some chairs or something. And we are going to plant an indigo bush outside of our garden because it needs a lot of space. It can grow 9 to 12 feet tall. It attracts butterflies. The butterflies lay eggs on it, its a host plant. Some of our plants are perennial.

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