Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Global Gardens Report by Tamera and Mileena

We are the Global Garden reporters and we are here to talk to you about what we have been doing since January. First, we brainstormed about our dream for Global Gardens. We dreamed for a maze, a tree house, a bird house, pathways with our names engraved, educational signs for each plant, a pond with lily flowers, fruit baskets for people in the military, and many more ideas! Next, since it was still winter we started experimenting with plants indoors. Then we finally had Tractor Thursday when Farmers Joe came and tilled our soil. Then we planned out where everyone's plot was going to be. Everybody was responsible for getting the rest of the weeds out of their plots. Global Gardens after school kids has also created and started jobs such as treasurer, reporter, and more. It has been raining for two weeks. Finally it has stopped and we are excited to plant!

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Anonymous said...

I like the report. I like when you tell the report in order. That is the best part.