Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ms. Lenard's Class Garden

We are in Ms. Lenard's fourth grade class and we are doing a global garden at school. Our class is making an Oklahoma garden. We started by choosing flowers that are native to Oklahoma and we definely want Indian Blanket. We are planting plants that native americans used and we are doing research on the Oklahoma plants. We have plants that attract birds, butterflies, and bees, they will even attract songbirds and humminngbirds! The animals will help our plants grow, they give pollen to the flowers. our plants are different sizes, from one to four feet tall. The black eyes susan will grow to two feet wide. We are planting plants that in the wintertime you might think they are dead, but they are not, they are just resting and will come back in the spring. These plants are called perennials. Our garden is 15 feet long and five feet wide. Our garden is shaped like the state of Oklahoma. We are having so much fun! If you would like to come to the garden, you can come and see how it looks. It might be small now, but by the time we finish it will be BIG! Theank you for reading this! We hope to see you soon! The end.
Ms. Lenard's class


global gardens said...

We like the way you reported how your garden is going to look. We like the way you are going to use the shape of Oklahoma. We think that is a good idea! from Ms. Newman's class (written by Diana)

global gardens said...

Its really cool what you are doing with the state garden. Maybe I can come and help sometime! From Izelle in Ms. Newman's class

Anonymous said...

I like the way you made your class garden because it will look very cool when you are done, because you will see that it looks like the state of Oklahoma. (From Samatha in Ms. Newman's class)