Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Much Fun in the Garden by Rachel (Ms. Jackson's 4th grade class)

We had a successful gardening season. Let me tell you about it. We harvested radish and we got to make Mr. Bhadri's dressing. And got to eat the radishes. We harvested snap peas but they feel like jelly. We planted kale, radish and snap peas. Our marigolds are still growing. And the rules in the garden is no running in the garden. Two is no yelling in the garden. 3 is watch out for plants. That's the rules. Mr Bhadri, it was really fun in the garden!!! We have sunflowers but they are dieing oh no!!! But we still have plants in our garden. In Global Gardens we plant lots of things like radish, snap peas and we have fun because it's cool learning about plants and animals and because it is so so fun at Global Gardens. Mr. Bhadri is very nice Global Gardens teacher and hie is very fun nice tall teacher. And he is very tall. So he can touch the sky and fly so so high. Global Gardens is very fun and so so nice. He lets us look and touch the plants so now you know why Global Gardens is fun.

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