Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enjoying our Plants by Isaiah (Ms. Jackson's 4th grade class)

We had a successful gardening season. Let me tell you about it. We harvested the snap peas and radish. We got to taste them. We put mulch over the soil to keep it warm. We made sure there was no weeds. We grew our plants fast. We weighed the snap peas and radishes. We watched our garden. We put seeds in the soil and made plants we could harvest. Our snap peas were about 2 pounds. We enjoyed eating our plants. They tasted okay and kind of bitter. But the snap peas were better than the radish. But that's just my opinion. But Mr. Bhadri let me keep a radish. And some other kids of my classmates got to keep one. And we all enjoyed our garden. And I think we will make even more plants. And we will probably enjoy them, too.

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