Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sneak Peek By Nikki

Okay.We have wood donated by the Hille Foundation,and we are going to make signs.Here are some of our ideas on purpose...

Brenda- They should show peace.
Nikki- They should say something that we speak from our hearts as one.
Brenda-They should should show expressions...
to create a feeling!
Tamara-and then there's labels...

And now for the size picking...
Ali-make a design!...And pick a size!..Oh,and we need to sketch out,plan it out,the colors...
Now the back ground...

Mrs.Oakley-if we paint the back ground really fast,what will happen?
Ms.Smith-like with spinners.if we just really quickly throw a spinner together,
then do a spinner really slowly and follow the steps,which one will work better and look better?
Ali-the one you made slower!
Mrs.Oakley-If I took a brush and painted the back ground really fast, then I immediately painted the letters on,what would happen?
Tamara-the colors would bleed through?
Nikki-And you might have a blob of paint on one part,and barely any on another part!

And that concludes our sneak peek of our top secret mission!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!

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