Saturday, January 5, 2008

Guess what? By:Mileena and Daniel

We have a new web site. It is for the Global Gardens. We hope you enjoy it. It is really fun to see. The pictures are really great, and some are funny, awesome, and cool. The best thing is you can e-mail us at any time. This is your choice to see, it's OK not to see. There may be a lot of activities! Come and check it out sometime! This is the web site Come see it soon!


Anonymous said...

I love Global Gardens-it is a living, growing illustration of what is best about our school and our community.

Cherie Albertson
Parent of three Global Gardeners

Anonymous said...

I've bean to your garden before i's relly nice. Iwas there today there was about
3-4inches of snow. Well i do have a opiaon that the snow is relly pritty.