Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doing so little to help so many

Hi there my fellow people. I 'm Ryah in Global Gardens. But this month we have been working on the best thing in the world. We're helping the homeless/making donation boxes/getting ideas to help others. Just not too long ago, we were on the news [News on Six].We are so happy to help others by doing just a little, to help so many others. Here are some pictures:

We have been interviewing the homeless here and there and [we have been trying to go to a homeless shelter for a field trip to just to help out with meals and to give them our boxes] .Sounds crazy right but we think we might enjoy it, and we are still trying to confirm that we are still going but until then we are making boxes and being as peaceful as possible and sharing the love.

Ryah J.
5th Grade

Eugene Field

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