Friday, November 19, 2010

Planting Peas in our Garden by Mrs. Stacy's 2nd Grade Class

Peas are sweet and crunchy. They're good to eat. They're called the candy of the garden. We worked very hard to grow them. We had some pea seeds and put them in the ground. Then they grew into pea vines. They grew up a tee-pee trellis made of bamboo. We watered them a little. Our garden is a very happy and healthy place. When we planted them, we planted them in squares. We used a stick to make rows for the seeds. Yesterday we harvested three each for a total of 63. They weren't even a pound. They were so green and looked like a banana or a quarter moon. Some of the seeds in the pea-pods were tiny and some were huge. They were juicy. For 14 of us, it was the first time to pick and eat peas in the garden. We planted these. Now you can try it!

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