Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Things That Global Gardens Can Show You by Ms. McClain's Class (4th)

There are a few things that we want to talk about before we get to the good part. This is our first time doing a blog together. We want to tell you about how the garden's growing, some advice we have, do's and dont's for gardening, and how to harvest.

The first thing to do if you're going to read this is remember to work together to get things done. That's what we did! Our garden is doing good. Everyone is good at planting. We love our garden so remember everyone practices teamwork. Before we started we had to pull the weeds with the roots. Because if not, the weeds would grow back again. Next, add compost to the soil to keep the plants healthy and give the plants nutrients and vitamins. Then you make your rows and plant your seeds in them. You can start planting whatever you want. We planted radishes, bok choy, mustard greens and snap peas. When we were making the salad I felt like a cool kid. After we harvested the veggies, we washed them. Then Mr. Bhadri cut it up and put it in the salad spinner. Then he picked gardeners to wash the produce and push the salad spinner 5 times. And then it was ready to eat. Then Mr. Bhadri picked a gardener to pass out the plates and forks. Ms. McClain had the dressing and put it on the salads. Then we waited for everyone to get served. And then we said a short blessing. Then we were ready to eat. The salad tasted wonderful. It was so good that it could make your tastebuds tickle! If you are ever looking for a salad dressing recipe come to Mr. Bhadri. He has the best homemade salad dressing.

Here's some advice:
1) If you want to plant make sure of what seeds you're planting.
2) Keep your garden clean no matter what -- make your garden shine!
3) Every time you harvest something always share with your friends.

We hope you enjoyed this big blog from Global Gardens. Please comment any time. Thank you for letting us write to you.

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