Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ms. Lenard's class speaks!!

Greetings!! We are Ms. Lenards 4th grade Global Gardeners. We would love to share some of our experiences and experiments with you.. so pull up a comfy toadstool and let's chat!!
Our class is very thankful for our garden. Gardening has taught us many valuable lessons. We have learned about teamwork, sportsmanship, kindness and generosity. We would love to have you join us in the wonderful world of gardening. All you need is a little dirt, a few seeds a lot of faith and strength and courage.
Our garden plot has an Oklahoma theme. All our plants are native to our beautiful state. We have Indian Blankets, sunflowers, black-eyed susans and purple cone flowers. We also have a passion vine and that's where our experiment begins. We are experimenting with worm castings{ That's a fancy name for worm poop! It will make our vine grow faster than just regular soil. Unfortunately neither vine is doing well at this time. we are not sure if the worm castings have anything to do with this or if we damaged the vine when we transplanted it..
we will keep you posted.

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